February Photoshoot: B&W Family Portrait in Profile

For the February photoshoot I will setup my studio for a Martin Bennett style family portrait.
The picture is actually a composite of individual photos taken of each person in it.
I get a lot of positive feedback from the people that I have made this picture for in the past.

Sunday February 22 10am – 3pm
Rönneholm, Malmö (you’ll get the exact address when booking)
Send me an e-mail: http://allanrasmussen.com/contact/ and put FEB22 and a preferred time in the message. I will contact you afterwards with the details.
500:- (3-4 persons) – this includes 3 x 15x23cm prints.
(100:- is added per extra person in the picture.)
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Free Profile Picture

JennieOne of my numerous new year’s resolutions is to make more photographs. One way to accomplish this is to have more days in the studio. So I have decided to set up my apartment studio once every month and invite people to come over and have their photo taken.
On each studio event I will be shooting a different type of photograph.

The January event will be about profile pictures. Here’s your chance to get an awesome profile picture for Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ or whatever. And here’s the most awesome part  - it’s free!

It’s free, but…
You grant me the rights to use your photo on my webpage, blog, Facebook and Flickr.

16088126969_6259342d23_oHere’s what we’ll be doing:

  1. I take some photos of you
  2. You choose the one you like best
  3. I make digital copies of the photo so it fits the specifications of Facebook and LinkedIn
  4. You get the photos in an e-mail
Saturday January 24 10am – 3pm
Rönneholm, Malmö (you’ll get the exact address when booking)
Send me an e-mail: http://allanrasmussen.com/contact/ and put JAN24 and a preferred time in the message. I will contact you afterwards with the details.
Free (digital copies of one photo)


I hope to see you on the 24th!

Kind regards,
Allan Rasmussen

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Gift Cards – a wonderful present

Somebodys birthday coming up?

What about a gift card for Allan Rasmussen Photography?!

I’ve got these great looking gift cards, that will make for a wonderful present to a loved one.


For gift cards of 1,000,- SEK or more both the giver and the receipient will get a 10% discount on all products and services except prints.

For more info visit my main site’s Gift card page.

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Martin Bennett Family Portrait

Martin Bennett is an English photographer that had this family portrait published in a photography magazine that I once read.

Recently I saw the photograph again on 500px, where it is among the highest rated.

Many photographers have tried to remake the Martin Bennett Family Portrait with varying success.

These are my first takes on this great photograph. The first one comes close – I think.





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What can’t you get from Vistaprint?

Today I received my business cards and I must say that I am very satisfied with them. The cards are  made of thick cardboard and the quality of the monochrome photo is really good with a large tonal range.

So I thought: “I also need some Gift Cards”. So I designed one and ordered them, and when browsing for other exciting products, I found a polo T-shirt, and ordered 2 of those.

A nice surprise was that when ordering the polos I got free delivery.


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